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There Is A God Where Does The Good Times Go
Out of My Mind Knee Deep In Grass

Where Does The Good Times Go

This is our second recording with some high powered smooth harmonies and strong picking. This CD is made up of several old bluegrass standards and few country songs with a new twist and arranged to perfection sure to please. One of the most outstanding songs on the CD was written by our friend Darrell Murray and arranged by C.F. Bailey called “Nature Lives”, one of our most requested songs.
01) Where Does The Good Times Go
02) Drink Up and Go Home
03) Poet with Wings
04) Amandolena
05) I Was, I Am, I Will
06) Goin' Ape
07) Nature Lives
08) Old Home Town
09) She Has Forgotten
10) Phone Call Away
11) Love's Like a Flower
12) Little Joe
13) She's about Trouble
14) Will They Miss Me

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